Our story

The story begins

Gartano Oy is the center of serenity, where professionals carry out high-quality services and are always ready for new challenges. Many years of experience has brought entrepreneurs’ professional skills: Executive Vice President, Tara Tuomisilta and Chairman of the Board Ilpo Simonen have worked among young people for 20 years. CEO Miikka Kostian, despite his young age, already had acquired five years of work experience in his own field before the establishment of Kooders.

Gartano opened as a business premises in November 2014. At this time, in the premises came to work Tara Tuomisilta (Geneesi) who has been an entrepreneur since 2009, as well as Miikka Kostian (Kooders) who started entrepreneurship in the end of 2013.

Modernizing the office space

Premises were renovated to entirely new look before opening it to the public. Earthy atmosphere was raised to a more modern one, when the new electrical room and information boards were installed on the walls.

At the beginning the only service provided as Gartano was renting the conference and group room, all other services in the premises were produced by fields’ entrepreneurs.

Cooperation begins

During 2015 entrepreneurs Tara Tuomisilta from Geneesi and Miikka Kostian from Kooders ended up pondering on, how to increase the performance of the therapy work with support of IT solutions. They came to the conclusion that the first step was to shift from paper-based calendar to the fully electronic version. This idea became refined in a private therapy entrepreneurs’ operation controlling system: Terapiapilvi (Therapy Cloud), which was carried out with the assistance of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre).

Strength in cooperation

Through the project Tara and Miikka noticed, that cooperation would be easier if employees would not be in different companies. From this, developed into the idea of a joint company, in which by combining the areas we could actively transfer e.g. therapy work into the digital world and create new tools for everyday relief in various fields. Gartano had already become established as the name of the premises, so from it we got naturally derived the name of the company: Gartano Oy.

Geneesi and Kooders are now part of Gartano Oy.

Gartano Oy

The company was established in March 2016. In May, Kooders was added as company’s auxiliary business name, which will continue as a IT service selling brand. In July, the second auxiliary business name Geneesi was attached, which still provides therapeutic and wellness services.

The company's journey is just beginning, but Gartano’s story as a premises is already well underway. In Gartano, we have been fortunate to work with top people, which have had new ideas and visions for our services.